Rotomolding Auxiliary Machine

Rotomolding Auxiliary Machine

  • Pulverizer Machine
  • Rotomolding Mixer
Rotational Molds

Rotational Molds

  • Steel Rotational Molds
  • Aluminum Rotational Molds
Air Cooler

Air Cooler

  • Industrial Cooling Fan
  • Swamp Cooler
  • Portable Evaporative Cooler

Yantai Fangda Rotational Molding Co., Ltd

Yantai Fangda Rotomolding Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, focusing on the design, development, production and service of rotomolding machines; it has become a professional and modern enterprise and has become the first brand manufacturer of rotomolding machines in China.Years of experience, have more understanding of the actual needs of customers, and can better understand the characteristics of the machine; our turntable/independent arm machines, shuttle machines, Rock n'Roll machines and grinders, mixers, etc. , All products have passed CE certification and ISO 9001 certification, with excellent quality.

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